विद्या भारती खेलकूद प्रशिक्षण संस्थान द्वारा संचालित

  Saraswati B.Ed Mahavidyalaya

   Raghuveer Nagar, Rooma, Kanpur Nagar 209402, (U.P.)

     (College Code-KN68) Affiliated To- C.S.J.M. UNIVERSITY, KANPUR , and Recognized By-National Council for Teacher Education


Saraswati B.Ed Mahavidhyalay provides a varity of opportunities for intellectual,social,moral,and spiritual growth in a conductive environment.The college activity cultivates intellectual,spiritual,ethical,and aesthetic values within the context or vidhya bharati siksha sansthan.Saraswati B.Ed Mahavidhyaly encourages the deepest respect for the essential dignity,freedom,and equality of every person and welcomes women and men from all religious,racial,and ethnic background.


  1. To prepare professionally competent teachers for serving in schools and other higher education institutions.
  2. To empower students with requiste teaching skills,knowledge,values & predestination required for the teaching profssion.
  3. To helps students to discover their inner potential and strengths so that they get the teaching profession.
  4. To help students to discover their inner potential and strengths so that they get the vigour to set the hieghest goals & achieve them.
  5. To encourage research related to existing school system and provide a curriculm designed in accordance with the current education scenario in the country.
  6. to interact with policy planners,administrators,teachers educationists,teacher educators,teachers and the local community(NGOs) to enhance quality of teachers education.